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Life for the Soil


Green Village Global Inc., PBC is a registered Colorado Public Benefits Company. Formed in June of 2016, it's focus has been on research and development of a line of AlgaeGrow™ soil amendments, biofertilizers and bioremediators. Based in Denver, Colorado, the Company is one of a few companies in the country that is developing algae based soil enhancement products. 

The products utilize fresh water algae, selected fungi, soil bacteria and humates. The are shipped dehydrated and are water solulable. They are instrumental in the recovery of depleted soils and regenerative agriculture. For the urban gardner, it makes chemical free gardening simple and efficient.


Green Village Biofertilizers of Colorado, LLC is the Colorado Branch of the Company.

The Company has recently incorporated a sales staff and is offering limited sales of the multifunctional soil amendment and premium biofertilizer.


Jeffery Scott

President and founder,

Mr. Scott has designed next generation of algae growth systems, A non-degreed scientist and researcher he has had the opportunity to grow multiple species of algae.                      He served as Chief Technology Officer at Genesis Biofuel, Inc. where he was responsible for the design and development of the Bio Reactor Energy Systems designed to capture and convert flue gases from high volume polluters, specifically the cement industry, into oxygen, algal biodiesel and biomass. Mr. Scotts work at Genesis entailed design and development of bioreactors, propulsion systems and algae harvesters. Mr. Scott’s work in the field of algae bioreactors includes collaboration with Mark Edwards at Arizona State University, New Mexico State University and Colorado School of Mines.

He has 35 years of experience in business leadership with 13 years of experience in the algae industry. Research during that time has cultimated  in the development of the AlgaeGrow™ product line


Lorrie J. Scott         Deceased

Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder,                                                                                  Ms. Scott has over 30 years experience in the holistic health care industry.She created the host of beulah holistic center in 2016 and has been involved with Green Village since 2018. She is skilled in product branding, marketing and networking. She manages the Pueblo County branch of Green Village and it's sales team.


Jay Wefel

Chief Financial Officer

Strategic Financial and Operations Executive with experience in M&A, PE and VC backed companies, Debt financing and oversight of Operations, including; Legal, Human Resources and marketing in startup and high growth environments. Expertise in Technology (SaaS, Hardware and Life Sciences), Agriculture and Direct to Consumer industries. Experienced in captial raising, financial forcasting, treasurey management, accounting, client support and building high-performance teams. 



"Green Village Biofertilizers AlgaeGrow has changed my growing experience forever. Allowing me to double my plant count, increase my yield, lowering the cost per plant, while cutting our water consumption by two thirds.”

Lead manager, Beulah Valley Farm

Jason Lechtenberg

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