Green Village Global, Inc. PBC A Public Benefit Agricultural Company
Green Village Global, Inc. PBCA Public Benefit Agricultural Company 




Living Web Farms


Growing a Greener World TV


Savory Institiute


Dirt the Movie


USDA Organics Program


Permaculture Research Institute


The Farmers Pal


Green Money


Soil Health Partnership



Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN


Academy for Systematic Change


Global Soil Partership




Earth University


Bioversity International


Food Tank

More about "B Corps"

A "B Corp" is a relatively new type of business entity. It is a  for profit structure that has a commitment to social, humanitarian, and envionmental responsibility in business.

Monitored by a third party, B Corporation, Green Village Global complies with a high standard of transparancy and supports:



Environment and

Energy Conservation.


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