Green Village Global, Inc. PBC A Public Benefit Agricultural Company
Green Village Global, Inc. PBCA Public Benefit Agricultural Company 

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Green Village Biofertilizers, llc

2269 Bellaire Street

Denver, Colorado, 80207

Phone: 575 520 2669720 737 6824

More about "B Corps"

A "B Corp" is a relatively new type of business entity. It is a  for profit structure that has a commitment to social, humanitarian, and envionmental responsibility in business.

Monitored by a third party, B Corporation, Green Village Global complies with a high standard of transparancy and supports:



Environment and

Energy Conservation.


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GoFundMe Campaign

Green Village has a crowdfund campaign currently listed under

Please take a moment to visit the site and donate to Support Organic Biofertilizers. Thank you.

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