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Life for the Soil


These products are custom blended for specific regions and soils. All AlgaeGrowproducts are designed to work with organic protocols which are grown and blended by Green Village. They can be influenced by the nutrients used and the length of the growth cycle. Some of these products are in development, the Company will continue to develop additional biofertilizers and soil amendments.

AlgaeGrowMultifunctional is a Live Algae Soil Amendment composed of a selected species of freshwater algae supplemented with soil bacteria, microbes and fungi. Both the algae and microbial supplements are soluble. Shipped in a granular form, it reanimates when hydrated. Once applied, the organisms continue to thrive in the soils where algal growth helps to decompact soils and create aggregates (spaces between granules). Lipids (sticky oils) in the algae help to cement those aggregates in place and contribute to the ionic bond between soil particles and minerals essential to the plant. This bond prevents minerals leaching from the soils where it is no longer available to the plant. It also provides a broad scope of vitamins, amino acids, carbohydrates and minerals available to the plant as well as an inoculant of essential bacteria, fungi, and soil microbes.

In addition, the algae are “carbon hogs”. Through photosynthesis it converts carbon dioxide to oxygen, then sequesters the carbon within its cells. This is then made available to the soil upon decomposition.

That carbon is made available to the soil microbes which process the minerals to feed the plant. This product can be extremely effective at contributing to regeneration of depleted soils, water retention and higher crop yields. As a Multifunctional Soil Amendment, it is effective at enhancing non-depleted soils thus increasing plant health and productivity.


Under developement:


AlgaeGrowPremium Biofertilizer broad spectrum for outdoor application

AlgaeGrowAlgal Hydromulch mulch for wildfire and flood recovery

AlgaeGrowOrchard is a blend of freshwater algae and cyanobacteria supplemented with selected soil bacteria, microbes and fungi.

AlgaeGrowRice Patty is for wetland application and works to increase plant immunity and vitality.

AlgaeGrowBioremediator for chemical pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers

AlgaeGrowBioremediator for heavy metals including mercury and arsenic


"Green Village Biofertilizers AlgaeGrow has changed my growing experience forever. Allowing me to double my plant count, increase my yield, lowering the cost per plant, while cutting our water consumption by two thirds.”

Lead manager, Beulah Valley Farm

Jason Lechtenberg

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